Observations of a "Crazy" Old Scientist

That Every 8th Grader Should Know

Over the past twenty years of scientific research and study, I have gathered a number of observations of Nature.  These are taught to my students to help them develop a better understanding of science and how Nature works.  I have given credit where credit is due.  There are some observations here that I have made myself and know them to be true.  But I am still searching for the scientists who first discovered them.  

-Mr. Mac.







Observation #3
"The Book of Nature is written in the language of mathematics."
-Galileo Galilei
Observation #1
"Observation is the key to understanding Nature."
-Aristotle of Stagira
Observation #5
"Everything in Nature has an 'I.D. Card' by which it can be identified."
-Carolus Linneaus
Observation #7
"A good 'lawyer' of maths or science always states the law."
Observation #9
"In an ordinary chemical reaction, matter cannot be created nor destroyed; it only changes form."
(Law of Conservation of Matter)
-Antoine Lavoisier
Observation #11
"Nature works in cycles, patterns, trends, and relationships."
Observation #13
"What you see on the macro-scale,you see on the micro-scale."
Observation #15
"When two systems are sitting in equilibrium with a third system, they are also in thermal equilibrium with each other."
(Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics)
-James Maxwell
Observation #2
"Knowledge is power IF you know how to use it."
-Aristotle of Stagira
Observation #4
"Nature does nothing [without a reason]."
-Aristotle of Stagira
Observation #6
"Nature consists of many different worlds; each limited by dimension."
Observation #8
"Matter consists of atoms and empty space."
-Democritus of Abdera
Observation #10
"In a system, energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it only changes form."
(Law of Conservation of Energy)
(The First Law of Thermodynamics)
-James Prescott Joule
Observation #12
"All substances have 'fingerprint' traits; one of these is density."
-Archimedes of Samos
Observation #14
"Energy is the driving force of the Universe and consists of many different kinds."
-William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)
Observation #16
"The disorder in the Universe always increases."
(Second Law of Thermodynamics or the Entropy Law)
-Sadi Carnot
Observation #17
"All molecular movement stops at a temperature called 'absolute zero'."
(Third Law of Thermodynamics)
-Walther Nernst