Honoring Our Student-Clients by Remembering Their Successes


      South Harrison High School Wrestling Team 

                    2014-15, 2015-16  Seasons                     

          A Team Approach in Wolf Philosophy            

                           (The Heroic Ideal)                                


"Mr. Mac has helped me and my team

tremendously over the past wrestling

season.  He has helped me advance my

skills not only in sports, but in focus,

willpower, and self-respect."

Junior, First-Year Wrestler


"Mr. Mac helped me get mentally ready for

any match I went into.  The mental exercises

he had me do gave me the confidence to go

into the match with the faith that I actually

had a chance to win.  And I did!"

Junior, First-Year Wrestler


"I think wolf philosophy has really helped the

kids with focus!  I can see the team has really

changed their focus when thinking wolf. 

I think it's a great philosophy."

Zach Markley, Assistant Coach

"With both academics and athletics, mental and psychological development are equally important to the student's development.  Mr. Mac and I have addressed these two areas using an 'outside the box' concept.  Mr. Mac uses history and legend to teach how focus can improve performance.  Not all students have been supportive of this training.  However, those who have, seem to understand its importance.  I have seen this concept at work and have enjoyed the ceremonies which bring the team closer.  [Wolf philosophy] has been extremely beneficial to the team and the individual athletes who have bought into this concept."

Bruce Markley, Head Coach
















"At first I thought it was a little crazy so it was hard for me to grasp this style of training.  After applying [wolf philosophy], my wrestling has improved a lot.  I am more relaxed and focused before and during a match.  I can also channel my energy more efficiently.  With all that, my record also improved.  Thank you Mr. Mac.  I will be able to carry this for the rest of my life."

Senior, Fourth Year Wrestler & Team Captain, Entered United States Marines, 2016








  Golden Rule






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Caitlin McDaniel on her signing day with the Garrett College Lakers Softball Team reported on local television station WDTV-12 newscast.



"Before I started working with Mr. Mac, I had a horrible GPA and

was failing one of my classes.  Once we started working together

that semester, my grades went to a high ‘C’ within only a few weeks. 

Now, things have been so much better for me.  Not only my grades,

but in my life as well.  I go to church more often and I am not so

stressed all the time from sports and school.  It’s been a fun journey

and experience because Mr. Mac teaches ‘off the wall’.  You don’t

know what’s going to happen next.  Thank you for everything!”



11th Grader, Preston County High School

Graduated from PCHS May 2015





“Mr. Mac has helped me in many different ways.  When I started, I was not the

person I am today.  I was not happy with who I was at all.  I wasn’t doing the

greatest in football or in school and my attitude wasn’t the greatest either. 

I wanted to drop out and say forget it.  After meeting with Mr. Mac for a while,

I started seeing things differently.  I started performing better in school and

football.  He taught me about the wolf pack and showed me that I could do

anything that I set my mind to.  I started getting better grades little by little. 

Then I got on the Honor Roll.  As for football, I was running a 5.3 in the 40-yard

dash.  But after learning about the wolf pack, I ran the 40-yard dash in 4.8. 

At the end of my senior year of high school, I graduated on the Principal’s Honor

Roll.  I have accomplished everything I have done thanks to Mr. Mac and he has

never led me wrong.”



Graduate, Preston County High School

Now works as a licensed electrician



"I cannot express how grateful I am that you came into [my son's] life.  He was at a very low spot and I believe that God directed us to wrestling, and to you.  I will be forever in your debt for helping my young man."



“My 16 year old son has been meeting with Mr. Mac for about four months now.  [My son] has shown improvement in many areas.  His grades have gone up and he has more self-confidence.  Mr. Mac has been able to show my son he has a reason to be proud of himself and how to use self-discipline.  I started seeing changes in my son within the first few weeks.  My husband and I had sent [our son] to Sylvan Learning Center and were happy that he was doing better.  But as soon as he stopped going he went right back to his old ways.  Mr. Mac not only teaches his students but also cares for and mentors them.  We cannot believe the affect his meeting with [our son] has made for our whole family.  Thanks to Mr. Mac we now have a happy, well-adjusted teenage boy who looks forward to school, work, and his future.”



“My son was diagnosed with ADHD about a year and a half ago.  The medication he was given seemed to only work for a few weeks and he was again difficult to deal with and his grades were falling.  He did not want to talk to anyone and could have cared less about anyone else’s feelings.  Since he has been working with Mr. Mac, his grades have gone up, and he has started bringing homework home.  His attitude about schooling has changed.  He comes out of his room now and talks to me.  When I did not know what else to do to help my son, God sent me an angel."



“I was scoring six points a game until Mr. Mac saw that I had the talent but was lacking something.  It was the wolf.  After the first session we had, I went from scoring six points a game to seventeen points a game with the wolf at my side.”

9th Grader, Lewis County High School, Weston, WV



“Thank you for your time and effort.  I look at myself differently.  Not as a slave but as a noble and priceless creature.  All the things that you gave me to do are giving me a more confident and positive outlook on myself and on my life.”

Graduate, Robert C. Byrd High School, Clarksburg, WV - Attended Honors College at West Virginia University, Graduated 2017, Criminal Justice



“My son is happier and has a much better attitude since working with Mr. Mac.  He has even improved in his game of baseball.  He is even now hitting the ball to the fence!”

























































“The wolf has helped me in more than one way…The wolf was by my side as I ran for the pass on my first touchdown, pushing me the whole way.  I am now even running faster in track!”

8th Grader, Bridgeport Middle School, Bridgeport, WV



"My nine-year-old son (4th Grade) was fighting against me when it was time to do his homework for school.  It didn’t matter what the subject was.  He was also a grade level behind in his reading.  My husband and I decided it was time to get someone else involved.  We gave the help of a Performance Coach a try.  Our son did a complete 180!  He wants to do his work without fighting with me and his dad.  His reading level is now where it should be.  This was the best thing we could have ever done.  Mr. Mac was the best tutor in my opinion.  I would recommend him to anyone who has a kid struggling in school.  Give it a try and you won’t regret it!”



“What Mr. Mac taught has helped me out in ways I never thought it would.  For example, when I’m mad, I just go to my ‘happy place’ with my wolf.  Even when I’m in pain, going to that place takes my mind off of it.  I’ve been in a lot better mood.  I’m throwing further in shot put and discus because I see myself further than where I was before.  [The visualization exercises] he gave me to do have helped me run faster.  My 100-meter time decreased from 17.5 seconds to 15 seconds flat!”

(8th Grader, Lumberport Middle School, Lumberport, WV


“You have shown me that I should care because what I do may and will probably reflect on my family, friends and others in my life.  If it wasn’t for you, I would still have a bunch of painful hurt hidden deep.  But we’ve pulled together and pulled it out.  My grades have improved even though I haven’t worked with you long.  Everything is better…everywhere.”

9th Grader, Lewis County High School, Weston, WV


“Mr. Mac helped me to find a ‘sweet spot’ to aim for when shooting a basketball.  He also taught me how not to get distracted easily and how to get everything out of my brain except for thinking about the ball going through the hoop.  After meeting with Mr. Mac just once, I made all of my foul shots later at basketball practice.”

8th Grader, Lumberport Middle School, Lumberport, WV



“I’m very happy that you’re here.  If you weren’t, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be what I am now.  Because of you, I’ve been able to push myself in ways I could never imagine.  And since you are here, I know that there is at least one man I can trust with anything and will help guide me on my way.”

8th Grader, Lincoln Middle School, Shinnston, WV


“Mr. Mac, you may be the craziest old scientist I have ever met…I would like to thank you for all of your work.”

8th Grader, Lincoln Middle School, Shinnston, WV


"At first, I couldn't keep my mind in the game.  I would always get down on myself and would focus on my mistakes rather than correcting them.  My Dad then began to work with me.  He helped me retrain myself to focus on the game, keep my concentration, and to worry about the next pitch rather than on my mistakes."

Caitlin McDaniel

Graduate, Bridgeport High School

Signed with Garrett College

Then recruited to play Division 1 softball at University of Maryland- Eastern Shore

Graduate, Marketing and Business Administration

She currently coaches a softball team and is a pitching instructor in Washington, D.C.


























Caitlin transferred to the D1 Level at University of Maryland- Eastern Shore.